Life Needs Tea

Between the busy schedule of chores I have for myself on this one day off, I pause for a moment while I pop in the last load of laundry. I prepare a cup of hot tea and settle behind the laptop. One big exhale relieves the pent up tension.

Although I’m almost done with the day’s chores, I look around my room and take note of a small–but growing–pile of books on the floor. My bookshelf space is overcrowded and it irks me a bit to have no free space. I need more book shelves. Heck, I need an entire room dedicated–no, no… A GIANT FREAGGIN’ MANSION of books! Someone cue¬†the music from Beauty & the Beast!

My Future Library Mansion

My TBR pile has gotten out of control. I now own more unread books than ever before.

Recently I saw someone’s profile that they had made a goal to read their height in books in one year. It’s funny to think about and intriguing. I actually want to start that. And rather than wait for a ‘new year’ to hit I might just be tempted to start it next month.

At the same time, I’m cautious to start an ambitious goal like that. I mean, things are revving to get busy at work again. I’m afraid it’ll once again take time away from my writing. I miss writing. I miss the therapeutic nirvana that comes with letting words flow through me. It’s a hard feeling to describe. However, like anything, we must make time for the things that matter. For as busy as life gets, one must take pause, have tea, spice things up.

While walking into work yesterday, I stopped by the guard’s desk to sign in (we have to on weekends). He took notice of my green beverage and immediately asked what it was.

Me: Green tea latte.

Security: That’s probably one tea i could never do.

Me: Is that so?

We go back and forth on the varying teas. He’s a cute ‘kid’ I’ve often smile at as I walk in and out of the building. He tells me how he enjoys milk in his teas and I comment how it’s very British.

Security: Interesting you say that. The country that I’m from has been invaded by the British numerous times in history and that’s where we picked up the custom. I know India has a similar habit, though their teas have a lot of spices that I don’t enjoy.

He tells me how guests at this parents’ house are often served tea. He then goes on to tell me about what he’s currently drinking and some 24-day diet.

Me: You’ve been at this diet for a couple months, huh?

Security: Yeah. Why?

Me: I can tell.

Security: Really? [he smiles]

Me: Yeah. I can totally tell.

The awkward moment lingers and my introvert behavior quickly tells me I should set myself on fire and jump out the nearest window and never come back again leave. Soon thereafter I find out he’s EXACTLY 20. The fleeting moment, the flirtatious gesture, is a sweet pause in my routine. It’s a reminder to seek pause. That life needs tea.

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