The Arrival

The Arrival

Andrew replied to a friend’s text as he made his way downstairs. He was about to hit ‘send’ when it rang.

“Hola,” Andrew answered, seeing it was Branli.

“Come outside,” Branli said immediately.

“What?” Andrew asked confused. “Where are you?”

“I’m outside.” Branli hung up the phone.

Andrew stepped outside and found Branli’s familiar black car parked out front. He smiled, raising his hand to block the sun out of his eyes.

“Oh my god he’s crazy,” Andrew mumbled under his breath. He walked over to Branli’s car, wondering what all the fuss was about. He hadn’t talked to him for over a week since their last trip from San Diego. He shrugged off the silence, thinking Branli needed time to think. Andrew had learned to give him his space when he got this quiet. He’d only interrupt it long enough to text/tweet to make sure he was okay and let him know he was around if he needed to talk.

Branli rolled down the window and gave Andrew a grin.

“Hi, Drew,” Branli greeted.

“What’s going on? Why didn’t you call you were coming?” Andrew asked. It wasn’t normal for Branli to show up unexpected. At the very least he’d tweet about it. Something must be wrong. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Branli replied. “Never better.”

Andrew narrowed his eyes. He knew something was wrong.

“Get in. We’re going to pick up Ashanty.”

“Right now?”


“Uhh, lemme tell grandma and grandpa. Should I bring clothes?”


One hour into the drive to San Diego and the two had barely carried on a conversation. Instead the car stereo blasted Andrew’s iPod and he sang along. He was curious what brought on the random visit and trip. Andrew figured Branli would say something sooner or later.

Andrew noticed Branli kept looking at his watch. He was keeping track of something.

“Is Ashanty expecting us?” Andrew fished. He figured the opportunity was right to find out exactly what was going on. Branli had been eerily quiet.

“Not really,” Branli replied. He fidgeted uncomfortably on the steering wheel. He didn’t know exactly how to tell Andrew what the trip was all about. “We’re visiting everyone.”


“The mothership people on twitter.”

“Today?” Andrew was surprised. “That’s crazy.”

“Not today, but the trip starts now.” This explanation would suffice. It wasn’t the complete truth, but it would do.

“Am I gonna have enough clothes?” Andrew stared as Branli. Branli didn’t respond. “Why are you acting scary?” He laughed nervously.

Branli chuckled; always amused to make Andrew uncomfortable.

Andrew turned on his phone to tweet:

@snowppl: Help! @branli has gone crazy and we’re going to visit all the #MothershipAbductees today! I think…

@RCMurphy: @snowppl Today? What? You guys are coming?! I need pink bows!

@snowppl: @RCMurphy LOLz! He just might do it. We’re going to pick up @AshantyVicite apparently. Although she doesn’t know.

@RCMurphy: @snowppl … then you probably shouldn’t have tagged her in that last tweet.

@snowppl: @RCMurphy oh crap, you’re right :-\

@branli: @snowppl @RCMurphy that’s right you shouldn’t have!

Andrew closed his phone smiling.

“You’re not gonna tell me what this really is about are you?” Andrew asked with a smirk.

“You’ll be fine. It’ll be fun,” Branli assured.

497.2hrs Remaining…

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    This one is fun!

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