Branli wished he could go back to sleep. An early riser by habit, he wished this was the one habit that would die. (Particularly when drunk and on the cusp of a full-on hangover)

Andrew was still asleep in the room. Branli was on his laptop in the livingroom.

Establishing link…


Devon: What took you?

Branli: I had trouble getting up this morning :-\

Devon: LOL. Did you party?

Branli: Sorta. I know i’m going to be feeling like crap real soon

Devon: Sorry to hear that.

Devon: Is he still there with you?

Branli: Yeah. He’s sleeping.

Devon: Did you tell him?

Branli: No. I haven’t told anyone yet.

Devon: How long do you think you’re going to be able to hold this up before they start asking questions?

Branli: I’m not sure. I have time right?

Devon: 478hrs remaining

Branli: Yeah. I know. I have the timer

Devon: You mustn’t be late


Branli closed his laptop sighing and his shoulders sinking slightly. A splinter of sadness lingered, knowing time was running out and eventually he’d have to tell everyone what was really going on. Putting the thought aside he got up to take a shower. The hangover was starting to kick in anyway.

“Are we really going all the way to Fresno?” Ashanty asked. She could hardly believe the¬†spontaneity¬†of the last 24hrs.

“Yes,” Branli replied smiling. “We are then going to visit Renee… then…”

“Then?” Andrew pressed. He wanted to know just how serious Branli was about visiting everyone on the list. There was at least 39 people on the list, all in various states and countries.

“We’ll see,” Branli replied simply.

Everyone was silent.

“Since we’re driving past Glendora can we stop by so I can get more clothes?” Andrew asked.

“Might as well. I think Janelle is gonna be upset we haven’t visited her.”

“You saw the tweets too?”

“The tweets?” Branli went to his phone, trying to drive at the same time. Andrew hated it when he did this.

@janellealexandr: @branli WHAT?! The abduction has started without me? That’s it! I’m calling in the rest of the ships! @snowppl.

@branli: @janellealexandr LOL! We had to go pick up @AshantyVicite first and we’re driving thru right now. Froyo? @snowppl.

@janellealexandr: @branli hmm. Fine. You better hurry I have plans for later tonight.

You better hurry

Branli looked back at the timer: 474.6

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