What things may come?

I had spent days stranded out in the middle of nowhere, huddled inside a trailer with two other people. It had been raining hard nonstop the entire time. Apparently it was something happening all over the globe. Eventually rescue came, just in time as the ground began to freeze.

I did not understand the gravity of the situation. The rescuers however were more apprehensive, news from the world outside said things were getting worse. A new ice age was on its way.

I helped the two trapped with me get across the line to higher ground, where the rescuers were. I gave the trailer one last farewell glance, knowing I would never return.

Eventually my dream fast-forwarded to many months later. I was apparently living in Canada, where the flood waters didn’t reach but the severe blizzard climate was still very apparent. Somehow these new isolated towns flourished, away from the major cities. I remember I was among many foreigners. My folks (who had a very bitter divorce and a father i personally hate) somehow owned a restaurant. A very successful restaurant at that. It was always busy. In fact I remember being asked if I had a reservation when I walked in, security tried to push me back from entering. I had to explain to them I was related to the owners. I eventually reached a table my family happened to have reserved and were all eating. A new addition to the family was there… another little brother? Nephew? My current lil bro? Not sure… I keep thinking it’s the first.

Mom, sister, and newest addition (not sure why them) set off in search of something, I can’t remember what. We land in what was once known as NYC. I can still picture the many skyscrapers ‘growing’ out of the water and leaning. I remember the segments missing from bridges. I remember taking lots of pictures. It wasn’t the beautiful city it once was. In the places of higher elevation the city was ‘growing’ again with new buildings. There were LOTS and LOTS of washes up cars. They were beginning to pile up and in some sections of this new city they were stacked in a giant cube.

The outskirts of this new city was a scary place. Many said it was a great place to be because you weren’t “tracked” like you were in the major city. But this same alluring quality was dangerous and was filled with lawlessness. It was mostly ran by gangs and certain groups. I remember my sister in particular having a hard time coping with this new world. Rather, I think she was having a harder time seeing the world left in such disarray. She was very fragile emotionally. What made it worse was when she was assaulted. I stepped in just in time but the damage had been done. She kept forgetting who she was and kept reverting back to this child-like state. It was hard keeping track of her and my mother at the same time, who was captivated by this new city. I lost both of them, when these strange looking dogs captured them.

In my quest to find them I met a lot of people. i discovered that rather than this cataclysmic event unite humanity, that we all still suffered from the same stigma; the same problems. I remember seeing some neighbors bickering about who slept with what husband; like some DespertateHousewives episode (which i do NOT watch!). Weird. As this argument caught my eye a friend (@SarahHorvat) made a crash landing. Just about literally. Apparently she was a pilot in my dream (?) and she made this rough landing nearby. I remember her vintage clothing from the 1930’s. She reminded me of Amelia Earhart.

She came out of the wreck unharmed and greeted me. It was my first impression that I would be meeting many people on this journey to find my family.

The dream repeated itself 3 times… woke up on the third…


I remembered one last thing this morning. I remember looking out at the new city and asking someone, “I thought God promised to never destroy the earth by a flood again…” Which made me think two thinks A) there was no God, and B) This was not caused by Him.

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  1. Toby Neal says:

    I do some dreamwork in my therapy practice and encourage you to journal about this. I use TTAQ:
    Title (what is this dream called?)
    Theme (What are the major themes? Different in each scene or variations on a theme?)
    A: Affect (what feelings were generated by each scene?
    Q: Question: (What question is the dream asking you?)

    I espouse Jungian dreamwork where all figures in a dream are assumed to be aspects of self, and dreams are the ‘sign language’ of the subconscious sending a message to the conscious mind. Dreams are that effort of you to send a message to you.

    There seems to be a LOT going on in this one and I encourage you to open that ‘message in a bottle’ the symbols your subconscious uses for communication, and pay attention to what this dream is asking you.
    Toby Neal, writer, tweep and LCSW therapist

  2. Branli says:

    Below is the dream interpretation I got from my friend Drew:

    You are experiencing feelings of isolation and loneliness. You are seeking rescue from the situations in your waking life. You also feel overburdened and you carry more weight on your shoulders than you need to. You need to move on with some aspect of your life, you are dwelling too much on a situation in waking life, most likely the same situation that you seek rescue from. It is time to move forward and put this situation to rest. This same situation is very frustrating emotionally as it brings you down with sadness. That the rain covers the world means that this situation covers you whole life. The rescuers mean you (or your unconscious) are trying to find a way to express a neglected part of yourself. In addition, you are too proud in your waking life to ask for assistance.

    The frozen ground represents your suppression of your foundation and your unconscious. You have not fully developed rapport with your unconscious and actively seek to disregard its messages. You also repress your emotions and feelings, only letting the bitter ones rise to the surface. The Ice Age you see represents an extension of this ‘coldness’ for a long time.

    Canada is a symbol to the change happening in your life. Depending on the feelings you had about this, relates to the meaning. I’m guessing based on the rest, you are not ready for the change. Again, there is a neglect of important feelings here, reiterated.

    The flood and waters represent your emotions and sexual desires. They are literally overwhelming you. In addition you could be overwhelming others with your strong opinions. You may just want to throw it all away and start over. You are feeling emotionally cold, and you feel excluded and left out. You do not experiences a sense of warmth and love within your family.

    The bitter divorce between your parents shows that you have separated, forcibly the masculine and feminine aspects of yourself. This split is not good for, and the union of them in the dream means you need to reconcile them.

    You are overwhelmed with the decisions and choices you need to make. You seek emotional support outside your typical social system. The security forces that you feel pushed away from you family. Your family’s presence indicates that you feel you should be dependent upon them, or that you depend upon them too much.

    Your mother’s presence indicates you feel you need to tell her something and you don’t know how to. It preoccupies your mind.

    NYC means your life is moving too fast and you feel you can’t keep up with the demands of your everyday life. The water drowning the buildings is the emotions overwhelming you in everyday matters. The empty cars indicate you need to take responsibility for the actions, mostly of suppressing emotions.

    Your sister and mother and the dogs capturing them mean that you’ve lost control of your feminine side, and while awake you may disregard it, asleep, you long to be reunited with your feminine side. You feel that you should protect this, but view the emotions as childlike. The dogs indicate your conflict between your unconscious and conscious about this split of your two different sides.

    The feeling of being tracked means you need to be more careful and stand up for yourself.

    The infidelity of the neighbors indicates you feel confounded and need an outlet for your feelings. You need a change of scenery.

    The crash means you’ve set unrealistic goals for yourself or you don’t think you can achieve goals you’ve set. You feel a lost of power and uncertainty about the goals you’ve set. That Sarah walks free indicates that the goals are not exactly what you think they are. You see sarah as being confident and perhaps want to be more like here. Sarah’s vintage outfit shows your romantic tendency and your desire to romanticize everything.

    You feel held back from making any progress on some of the goals you’ve set for yourself.

    That you dreamed this three times in a row means that this dream is vital to understanding your imagination, and that feeling of completion you are looking for. It also shows that you need to reconnect the body, mind, and soul. Three is a very powerful number, and your unconscious (which is you, by the way) is not very pleased because it chose to show you this three times.

  3. william says:

    i tend 2 think of dreams as the brain defragmenting itself.

  4. Toby Neal says:

    The above appears to be using a Jungian framework and the symbols he uses are universal archetypes. There could be some very meaningful insights to be gained here, but I still advocate for you tackling it yourself, because even universal archetypes have individual gradations of meaning. Some of it may “ring true” to you, other parts not feel so. I always hesitate to do the work for clients becuase it’s too easy for them then to argue and dismiss when their dream is THEIR DREAM.
    Your friend has a solid handle on symbolism though and has some powerful imagery and interpretations that it may behoove you to pay attn. to.
    Again, dreams are like messages in a bottle: you can retrieve them, take them out and decode them. Or, you can watch them float on by and attribute them to too much pizza.
    Up to you, entirely.

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