The Reveal

The connection Andrew and Branli shared had been severed. Their minds were no longer on the same wave-length. They stirred uncomfortably in their seats. They were strangers sharing this ride to Washington.

“You think we’ll get there tonight?” Branli turned to Andrew.

The small-talk was getting on Andrew’s nerves. “I dunno. We’re six hours away. It depends on how fast you drive.”

Ashanty had fallen asleep in the back of the car. She had spent most of her time trying to ignore the invisible tension between the boys by talking to her boyfriend. As long as her destination was her boyfriend in CT, she would put up with the drama between the boys.

It was a surprise how short trips became when charged with tension. It was a thorn in the side, a distraction, an emotion on a broken record that kept resurfacing.

The group arrived at a house at the edge of Pugent Sound. The waters were dark in the night. The moonlight glistened on the edges of its surface.

Andrew and Ashanty retired for the night. Branli once again stayed up to chat with Devon.

Devon: Well?

Branli: Well what?

Devon: I assume you told him.

Branli: I had no choice after he cornered me. It didn’t help he walked into our conversation.

Devon: So you told them?

Branli: I told him and I’m not entirely sure Ashanty cares or really knows.

Devon: What did he say?

Branli: Told him i didn’t really know who you were… that you’re someone from my past.

Devon: you didn’t give him the details.

Branli: Why would I? Even I don’t believe the details 😛

Devon: How can you not? you don’t remember me?

Branli: No

Devon: I remember you very well. I remember all of it. It was you who reminded me of who i was last time.

Branli: … None of it makes any sense.

Devon: How can you not believe you’ve lived before

Branli: I don’t. I just don’t

Devon: you have… and you have to remember

432hrs remaining…

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